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Thirsty Customers, Water and Lemonade

Thirsty Customer

This is how I exactly felt when I briefed a customer about the complete solution that was coming out in Q3. When the customer is thirsty and when he asks for water, give him what he wants, do not talk about the lemonade. Do not loose customers to build a future solution.I had a moment of truth and I realigned the team to give the customer what he wants.

When the customer is thirsty and he wants water, give water for free. He will not mind paying for the lemonade and Ice 🙂 later.


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Google for databases

The search for information has extended from html file to pdfs, word docs, ppt, and even books( with the copyright controversy). Searching databases can provide great value to end users. The complexity of SQLs implement by different vendors is a huge road block. In the current scenario database searches are not actually doing their job right, as they search only the text version of it.
Oracle Text Search and SQL Server’s Text search will only provide you with text matching results. Say if you wanted to find information about your co-worker JOHN from the database. With a text search you can get information about where the keyword JOHN is available in the databases.

In a normalized database, data is scattered across tables. To collate this data into meaningful information, you need to talk to the database with SQL. Incase of your text search for the keyword will most probably return a result with that has the keyword john in table emp_t(example). You will not be able to get more information about JOHN. A true database search should understand table relations and get you all the related information about John, the complete record with his name, number, address and all that john is related to…

I am sure its kinda difficult for you to understand, you can read the how it works to understand more . The best thing to do is try it out to understand how it works (no registration required to download). Download SQLOne and try it out

Whats the catch we are giving away an iPod nano….. yes you can register and win an iPOD nano

Go ahead search your database now…..

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