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Tiger Airways starts Cheap Flights to Singapore and Australia

Tigers Airways is starting operations from Chennai and Kochi to Singapore and Australia.
Now a return ticket to Singapore is in the range of Rs.9000 only. Interestingly, Singapore Airlines has 49% stake.
Booking is only thru the internet, so you local travel agent will not tell you about this. Go and fill up all the flights!

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Why Everybody Loves Raymond

Last night, I caught up on the season finale of Everybody Loves Raymond. Got to know the people behind it. They explained the main story line. “There is regular guy whose parents live across the street” thats it. Every joke connects to the viewers so perfectly. I was wondering how they write funny every season, every episode. Think I nailed the answer.

No matter what part of the world you live a few thing remain the same.

Everyone has the same problem right. – Women ctrl freaks.
Marie and Deborah – In-laws never get along
Men – Remain the same


I loved the show, sad to see you go.

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