Jamaica Hotels and Getting Around

Accomodation in Jamaica is quite affordable especially if you are holding USDs. 1 USD= 66 Jamaican Dollars (as of Nov 5, 2006). Jamaican Dollars varies a lot, please check before you go. For an average US $ 50 to US $70 You can get good hotels like Courtleigh or Hilton. Though you can get cheaper accomodation stick to good hotels.

There is some Indian in the food

Relax…you get Rotis and rice in Jamaica. Yes, they says that there are a lot of Indians in Jamaica but I did not get to see anyone. Island Grill, KFC, Burger King. If you are a vegetarian you’ll love the red pea soup and pumpkin rice. You’ll get the exact Rotis and Channa masala too.

Party Party Party – Jamaica is the place

Take a wild guess what time the party starts in Jamaica….midnight 12. Yes. I was really amazed. Try the QUAD. It has 4 floors and each floor plays a genre of music and definitely one floor has reggae. Man… Jamaicans know to party, they dance till 4.30 am in the morning..no kidding. Hey mind you big parties are on wednesday only. It is like the weekend for them.


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