Thirsty Customers, Water and Lemonade

Thirsty Customer

This is how I exactly felt when I briefed a customer about the complete solution that was coming out in Q3. When the customer is thirsty and when he asks for water, give him what he wants, do not talk about the lemonade. Do not loose customers to build a future solution.I had a moment of truth and I realigned the team to give the customer what he wants.

When the customer is thirsty and he wants water, give water for free. He will not mind paying for the lemonade and Ice 🙂 later.



  1. Well Said Alex

  2. […] Well Said Alex, If you remember, this is how the serivce industry works (My previous company Clasticon Solutions), and Probably the good reason Why the customer chooses to speak to you the next time he call up the office, He will not be ready to talk to any one, even your boss, because you made it happen. […]

  3. orwald said

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