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Scott McNealy Steps Down

Following this announcement, the wall street responded with 9% increase in Sun shares. Does that mean it is good news?

I sat thru one of Scott's keynote speeches at Suntech days in Blore. I wanted to ask him a few questions. He is a busy person, I couldn't ask him then. Here it is:

  • Why is Sun spending a lot time and money on "growing the ecosystem". Sun was defining the standards, drafting JSRs when the vendors who quickly implemented JSR walked away with the money
  • Why did you lock your key resource, "James Gosling" in implementing the Brazil Healthcare project and evolving a matured Java instead of getting him on a new venture to compete with PHP, Ruby on rails and so on
  • Why are you not in search engine or latest conversation in the market

I hope all of you remember how Bea walked over Sun


Bea implementing the Application Server specification and walking away with the leading app server position. Now they have lost it to IBM WebSphere. Anyway they have made all the money.

Sun was almost forgotten. Does anyone remember

  • iplanet application server
  • Sun Forte for Java
  • Sun One Application Server (Java System Application Server)
  • Java XML-RPC

Are we going to see the Sun rise again. Bye Scott


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Thirsty Customers, Water and Lemonade

Thirsty Customer

This is how I exactly felt when I briefed a customer about the complete solution that was coming out in Q3. When the customer is thirsty and when he asks for water, give him what he wants, do not talk about the lemonade. Do not loose customers to build a future solution.I had a moment of truth and I realigned the team to give the customer what he wants.

When the customer is thirsty and he wants water, give water for free. He will not mind paying for the lemonade and Ice 🙂 later.

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