ITIL is essential, plan for it

“ITIL is not for me, all those lengthy process really complicates my system”**

this is what most small businesses feel.  ITIL is not about being big or small it is about being efficient with your resources. It is not a standard that says, you must implement everything to be compliant. It is a set of best practices that offers you pick what work best for you.

ITIL is for ALL

Just cruise thru this whitepaper, it will get you started on ITIL and how it is very relevent to growing small biz

Businesses Must Grow, Not Problems”  or Download PDF and read later

there is a spanish version too, thanks to Javier Arcal, ITIL Practitioner

Si usted es no puede leer inglés, intenta la versión española

Los Negocios deben crecer, No los Problemas

As most of the ppl feel that ITIL is a hard standard, here is my attempt to  give ITIL an image makeover:
ITIL  is cool and refreshing

** All those who have been thru the ” ITIL is for you” talk. please bear with this post


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