Caged Lions Manifesto


Who are Caged Lions?

Every man (Lion) is born free and then he gets married. POOOF before you know we have a caged lion.

What is the Caged Lions Manifesto ?

The CL manifesto is an essential survival guide that will help for recently CLs and the soon to CLs to understand and manage situations. It will help you enjoy and help you with tips on how to play around in the cage.

Evolving Caged Lions Manifesto

This manifesto aggregates the experience of lions in wild, in cage, and rotting in cage. Feel free to add and edit, share (Caged Lions have the freedom of doing anything )
Before Cage there was Wild Freedom


  1. You were born free
  2. You decide where you want to go, at what time, wearing what you want.
  3. You decide the speed of your bike or car
  4. You have to urge to choose and marry a partner to meet your taste
  5. You don’t get the Agni Nakshatram joke – When Jankaraj jumps and says “en pondati ooruku poita”
  • You + Friends
  1. You decide your friends / girl friends
  2. It is perfectly ok to drive at 11 pm in the night with you friends for just a tea or snack
  3. You are free to plan a trip with your friends to any destination
  4. You can make fun of your friends and still be great friends with them
  5. You don’t have to tell your friends “You are my best friend and I love all the time I spend with you”
  6. You don’t have to think much to buy a gift, you can buy a shirt (or any damn thing) at random or throw a party at any local bar
  7. It is perfectly ok for you to forget your friends bday
  8. There are no special days to remember viz first time you met or first you got something ( or any crap)

… contd



  1. sridharks said

    Before Cage

    1. You decide what you eat, where you want to eat, no matter what day it was

    Soon to CL’s

    You dont realize what your friends (who are already CL’s ) have in my mind, when they encourage you to join the club.

  2. vinodvv said

    Hey went with an early marriage @ 25, Till then Wild life was life and now Wild life is Wild.
    1) If I ever wanted to go to a place I need to make an appointment, well atleast an hour before, So that I don’t have to hear the crib.

    2) Social drinking was my favourite before 25 now it is a military quota. If i exceed, I had it.

    Well much more to talk, my fingers will pain.

    Anyway love is slow sweet poision, I guess We got to live with it.

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