BIZ 2.0 is COOL and FREE

The business model of today is changing. Just observing the change around. The big companies pouring in huge marketing money creating brand value seems to making very less out it.

Old Model

– Bloatware in a box full of CDs shipped from the vendor
– Installation and setup takes a month- even with onsite installation staff
– Website has all the bullshit except the product and reality
– To get a view of the product, you have to show the budget
– Evaluation version with a time bomb
– Users buy the product and do not come back except for support and issues

Are we kinda seeing the end of it. Look at the new evolving business model.

Evolving New Business Model

The new model seems to have a syntax

Free Product/ Service along with a professional Service. It kinda seems like a proven success.

Google : Free Web Search + Adwords and other
Skype : Free Calls to anyone in the world + PC to landline calls
Flickr: Share Photos for free + subcription mode ( acquired by Yahoo)
Maps : Free Google Maps and now MSFT
Blogger: Free blogs + new content for ads
JBoss: Free J2EE Server + Consulting over the free stuff
MySQL: Free Database + Consulting and bundling licenses
SugarCRM : Free CRM + Professional Edition
Vtiger: Free CRM over the SugarCRM’s code base + Value addition over SugarCRM

The ” market are conversations ” is so true in everycase as every company has made a great business impact and lotsa $$ . Biz 2.0 is here where are u …gear up!!!!


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