Katrina Relief Donations : Making It Right

It is devastating to see damages of Katrina. It reminds me of the Tsunami that hit us here in India and shattered lives, people are still coping with the damage. We learnt a couple of things, reacting to it. When you are contributing to the Katrina Relief, it is very important how we respond sensibly than emotionally.

Choose credible organizations: American Red Cross, Salvation Army, .. complete list is available on MSNBC site, be careful about vultures preying on your generosity.

Donations: Make donation in CASH unless these Relief organization request for materials.

Just by gut feel a few groups might collect blankets, clothes, and packed food items for the relief victims. It is very hard to transport, preserve, and distribute. Unless you are really close to the place and part of the distribution / relief team.

Update information in CNN Safe List + Craigslist Lost and Found : Update information that you are safe or if you are looking for someone. A Katrina Web Project is also available for victims to touch base with their loved ones.

Remember “this too shall come to pass…… “


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