Dress Code for Effectiveness

I was thinking about Dress Code and Uniforms after reading Seth Godin’s Blog on uniforms. Dress Code, is it really required for a work place. Does it really influence the way you work or think. Does it really improve your productivity. Oh.. I got this great idea because I was wearing this blue tie and chinese cotton shirt. I am not sure….

Maybe I am wrong, maybe it does make an impact when you visit clients or more in the services industry. Working for a product development company most of the time we spend in our office. The climate is full of friends and casual environment, I feel that I am more productive when I dressed comfortable in my jeans and t-shirts.

We develop database migration and search products, searching for information on that I accidentally hit upon Burleson Consulting. They are one of top consultants for Oracle. I guess they are really specific about their dress code. Check out their section about Dress Code for Men and Women.

Let me throw a couple of lines that will force you go there and read their complete stuff.

Dress Code for Men

….. Protruding nasal hair is prohibited…. read more

Dress Code for MenA few example snaps of how MEN should NOT turn upto work

Dress Code for Women

You should always shave legs (if wearing skirts) and exposed armpits………more

A few example snaps of how WOMEN should NOT turn upto work

Finally the author has a cool note stating only clients define dress code. At head quarters, you can be what you are….



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  1. Thats a gud start Alex…Keep posting such interested topics…

    All the best …


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