Growing intolerance


It was ok for us to wait for web pages to load
It was normal to have heavy webpages with images and asking the user to wait
It was considered cool to play a flash intro before actually starting on the webpage contents
It was understandable that after you purchase a software you allow two weeks for the product to be shipped.
It was normal for Applications to say.. not available due to maintainence….

Now these things are stone age. Still a lot of companies only ship software in boxes…. I can safely say that most smart applications are easily downloable. It is the bloatware that comes in a carton boxes and take weeks to be shipped.

Now you are doomed if you say you are closed for maintainence, or imagine what will happen if or was closed for maintainence for just a day.

Still a few people get away with “Not available under maintainence” card.

Check out HDFC Bank’s message

Round the Clock —and also showing services cannot be accessed.

If that seems bad check this out… 24 hrs to register…..

Isn’t that just too much. “Wait for 24 hrs” is too costly a word to be used today.


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